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There are several benefits to owning managed farmland, including long-term returns from fruit production and timber, a getaway house for you, and returns from the land's increased value.
Yes, Now anybody can purchase agricultural land in Tamilnadu. Govt of Tamilnadu has removed section 79A, 79B, which restricted non–farmers from buying agricultural land.
The minimum area of the plot will be 10 Guntas ( 10890sqft) or a quarter acre.
The farmland is surrounded by many water sources; lakes and water streams. The entire stretch of land has water streams and a good ground water table. The bore well acts as the source of water for the farming and domestic uses.

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PVS Promoters Coco Farmland will provide all secure measures with a 24/7 operation setup, with complete security, while you are staying in your cottages.
Once you decide to buy a particular plot, we charge 10% of the total amount as booking fee/charge. After that we give you 35-day time to register the property. Meanwhile we apply for 11E, which may take up to two weeks.
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